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  • The website provides an abundance of helpful information. The anonymous, confidential 24-hour help line helps those experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge.

  • 866-789-1511
  • Substance use
  • Mental Health

  • How are you feeling? We are often asked this, and we say “fine.” But this has been a difficult time lately, and emotions can be complex. You may be feeling sad, worried, or stressed. This website will lead you down a path to help you understand your feelings and find helpful resources for today, tomorrow and in your future.

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  • Skagit Rising is about working together to reduce the impact of substance use in our community. In addition, it aims to reduce the stigma surrounding substance use to get you, your loved one, or your friend into treatment. Substance use disorder is an illness and does not define you, your family member, or your loved one. SkagitRising treats each person with the dignity and respect they deserve to help them seek treatment and reach a path to recovery.

  • Prevent Addiction
  • Reduce Stigma